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 MOSS Support

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PostSubject: MOSS Support   Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:44 pm

MOSS (Monitor System Status)

MOSS has been created by Nohope in 2010.
MOSS doesn't have any special prerequisite and should work on any type of PC or any Windows generation.
MOSS doesn't send any information on Internet neither it shares anything with third parties.
MOSS does help online competition leagues to control their players fair play and identity.

MOSS’s features include:
• Automatic random screenshots
• Unique PC identifier based on Hardware information
• Capture game’s key files
• Real time Processor Speed versus BIOS setup and box nominal speed
• Game Exe SHA signature and start time
• Ingame screenshot stored when PrtnScrn is pressed
• Keyboard and mouse Macros uses detected and reported including Keys, timing and uses count
• ESL Wire Anticheat monitoring 
• The Processes names, path and SHA listing at game start

How to use MOSS
• >>Download MOSS
• Start it as Administrator
• Go to File => Parameters and choose COD 4 (WARNING: sometimes it will change to Generic Game so make sure when you open MOSS to be set for COD 4)
• In MOSS go to Capture => Start (Wait for MOSS to minimize its self or when this message appears "COD 4 Capture is running..." so you won't get any error/crash)
• Start the game
• At the end of game go to Capture => Stop (Let MOSS finish putting all files until you see the message "Capture stopped", do NOT force close it)
• MOSS logs are located on your Desktop in MOSS folder, the ZIP is dated from date and GMT time you started MOSS
• Upload the .ZIP-Archive to your opponent (you can upload the .ZIP-Archive on a major sharing site such as Mediafire or SendSpace), DO NOT rename, edit or delete anything from .ZIP-Archive.
>>Video Tutorial

Frequently asked questions!


Q: I can't start MOSS!
A: Download it again, or get it from a friend. Make sure your Anti-Virus does not corrupt it.

Q: My antivirus says MOSS is a virus!
A: MOSS is crypted to avoid memory attacks against the program and therefore some Anti-Virus programs may get a wrong detection.

Q: Where are my MOSS-files saved?
A: In the "MOSS" folder on your desktop.

Q: My MOSS is on top of the screen, I can't minimize it!
A: You can minimize MOSS either by clicking the keys "Windows + D" or by clicking the "Show Desktop" icon in the Windows taskbar.

Q: How do I know I am using the latest MOSS version?
A: When a new MOSS version is out, you will get a notification when you start it. Restart MOSS and it will be updated.

Q: When checking my opponent's MOSS it comes up as corrupted! / I found a cheat!
A: Open a match protest or support ticket so that the file can get checked by the admins.

Q: My MOSS took black screenshots!
A: - Windows 7: Disable AA (Anti-Aliasing) In-Game => Options => Graphics
    - Windows 8/8.1: Set GAME compatibility to windows 7, disable AA (Anti-Aliasing) In-Game => Options => Graphics
      (Windows XP and 10 users should not have this problem)
    IMPORTANT: If you have cod4x 1.8 patch you should delete it and have only the OFFICIAL 1.7 PATCH!

Q: Which operating systems does MOSS support?
A: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
    There are no plans to extend development to other operating systems at this time.
    It costs a significant amount of time and resources to sufficiently develop software on these platforms.
    If you would like to use MOSS on a Mac, you'll need to dual boot Windows on a separate partition on your hard drive.
    You can do this quickly and easily using Boot Camp:

Q: I don't have .zip files inside my MOSS folder! (Windows 10 users)
A: Check if you have issue with Windows Defender "Controlled Folder Access". Picture 1 => Picture 2 => Picture 3 Allow it for MOSS.

Error Messages
Invalid Windows Configuration
Check windows management services and enable them.
Remove any "optimizer" programs, such as Tuneup Utilities or Game Booster, and restore initial Windows settings. If that does not work, the optimizers have deleted files required for MOSS to work, so you have to reinstall Windows.

My Moss crash after few seconds, or it says "Program will be closed ..." 
You have to install latest version of DirectX from >>

The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
Download the latest version of DirectX from >>

Update Errors
• Error 1 : No internet access
• Error 2 : No access to developer server
• Error 3 : Can't get the update information
• Error 7 : Broken download
Solution: Make sure any Anti-Virus or Firewall, Proxy , Parental control is not blocking the MOSS to update.

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Posts : 149
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PostSubject: Re: MOSS Support   Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:19 pm

If you have any issue on MOSS and you tried every solution above, make a New Topic and name your problem.
Explain an issue of what's happening as detailed as you can to understand and help you out.
Put a screenshot of your issue to make even more easy.
Provide the .zip archive file so we can take a look of what's going on.

If we cannot solve it for you then developer of MOSS is the next person to ask and hopefully he will help you out.
You can ask developer on his official forum here
Remember every issue can be fixed, so do not blame on anything when it's on your side and if for others is working, it should work for you also.

If you post anything else non related to this or post something useless, topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will get warned.
Spamming on your topic will get you warned, if you continue your topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will have no rights to make a New Topic again.

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MOSS Support
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