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 Some ideas and tips

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PostSubject: Some ideas and tips   Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:01 am

Hello !
soon i'll be back on CoD but meanwhile i'd like to ask you something.

1) first of all do you have a streaming channel yet ? if you have enough resources (netspeed and GPU) you should try to open a twitch channel or if you have a youtube channel you should start streaming from there (and in case moving to twitch after), or maybe contact an already existing channel and ask them to collaborate.

2) try to contact and work with that guy from the petition. since the project is not ready yet you can start organizing some tournaments helping each others.

3) i saw that on this forum , correct me if i'm wrong, you created user groups with different colours for each clan. i think this is not a good decision in long terms since it's up to you to decide the colours, and soon or later there won't be space for new clans, + it's not totally objective.
i'd say you can leave the groups with common user colours and if you want to rewards someone you can add him to a second group (for example admins, moderators, active member, old member etc).

what do you think ?
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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas and tips   Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:34 am

Hello there.

1.) We actually have but right now its not active. I've tried to stream as well but i need a good upload speed, with this the quality is bad and people would not be interested to watch it if they can't see well whats going on. Also i don't have streaming PC so i will have fps lagg while playing which is not nice. I've tried to search for someone who can stream but seems like they all have issues with it. I'm thinking of putting youtube channels which will contain CoD4 clips but i'm not sure yet.

2.) This is actually HC so i don't think they will be interested in HC tournaments. We have League running and we are waiting for clans to register, already asked few of clans and they are collecting some of members info that are important. Once 5 clans register, rank system will be added + there will be tournament from one clan that's going to be run, don't know yet when but its going to be.

3.) If its needed, we will remove the colors if there will be bunch of clans joining. We have those groups you suggested + forum ranks.

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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas and tips   Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:45 am

Ok, thanks for replying

for streaming i know it's hard to make it works. in case you can decide to stream as spectator while 2 teams are playing. on google there should be some tutorials on how to improve the streaming settings.
otherwise the best solution is to record everything and publish on youtube 2 videos: one with the entire match, and the other with hilights.
after few wars you can also make a frag movie with those highlights
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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas and tips   Wed Feb 24, 2016 2:26 pm

1.| Ya we have it but it will be a trouble for me individually for the "upload speed".But yah @Lumi have streamed before and i think we can do it in future if we have people who are willing to stream.And i'am sure there are people here who are going to help in this.

2.| We've had tournements months ago and currently a newly organised League introduced by @Jakovec12 and few admins is under process.We face few common problems like players using unfair advantage over other "hacking , scripts etc.We've been trying to keep this community clean as much as possible with the help of "MOSS".The reason of unfair advantage making the tour's startup process a little slower.

3.| Yep i totally agree with what u said.We will be choosing a common color for the clan and people with ranks like admin , mod , active member etc should be of different colour(for distinctive recognition ).
Thank you for your idea/opinion.


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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas and tips   Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:30 am

@jakovec12 I have a 10 Mb upload Smile and 25 Mb download
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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas and tips   

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Some ideas and tips
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