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 Forum Updates & Changes

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PostSubject: Forum Updates & Changes   Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:12 pm

Forum Updates & Changes

Since long time ago we introduced this site that's been made by @Lumi, @Jakovec12 and @Pr4T[!]K* and we were really happy about it.
We enjoyed the feedback and support of people who wanted us to make this and push us forward in working out as best as we can.
We were really and i mean really happy about it when we saw people registering on site, exploring it, discussing and making it really active.
We were supporting the first ever GRC Tournament that's been organizing by @BuLLeT, it has been thrilled, entertainment and successful.
For the long time we were trying to clean cheaters from community to prevent them breaking the game and fun, so we opened Blacklist and made improvement in preventing them.
As a time goes on, the forum has been slowly inactive with the lack of content, discussions, tournaments and so the players leaving the community that makes it sad.
So now it's time to make this forum back active again like in old good times with some updates and changes that we made to make it more serious but at the same time fun and enjoyable.
We will be making tournaments as much as we can to make this forum, you and us active.
Now please join us again and let's make Gamemunity great again (wonder where i heard that   ).

To new users who will register and to registered members please read this Startup User topic!

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Forum Updates & Changes
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