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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Nov 03, 2015 5:42 pm

In this topic you will find the rules for the GR community forums. The rules are divided into two categories. Rules for members, and guidelines for forum moderators.

Rules for members

1. Do not submit any material that is illegal by law.
2. Respect other visitors, do not flame argue or provoke other members.
3. Racism, antisematic or other severely offensive insults or “jokes” are forbidden.
4. Offensive or obscene nicknames are not allowed.
5. Do not interfere in tournament topics that you are not involved in.
6. Avoid going off topic.
7. All posts should be in English only.
8. Do not spam or advertise.
9. Post topics in relevant categories.
10. No +1 or stupid pictures in serious topics. In the off-topic section you have more freedom.
11. Please use the report buttons instead of playing moderator yourself.
12. Do not create multiple accounts.

Guidelines for moderators

1. Remove illegal content. (links to cheats, hacks, warez etc.)
2. Remove severely offensive content.
3. Remove non-English posts.
4. Remove +1 posts and stupid pictures.
5. Do not simply delete anything else you don’t like.
6. Warn offensive or provocative posters.
7. Warn spammers and advertisers.
8. Warn people going off-topic or split topics if another relevant issue was raised.
9. Move posts to relevant categories.
10. Explain your warnings and explain when you removed posts and why.
11. Do not close blacklist topics. (only delete flame, spam etc.)
12. Censor IP Addresses.

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Forum Rules
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