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 How to Complain

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PostSubject: How to Complain   Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:01 am

What you can post here:

Any complaint(s) about a player or players or Forum related.


  1. You must post the full conversation / argument if the complaint is about flaming, trolling or similar.
  2. You must use a format otherwise your complaint will be locked.
  3. You must provide proof ( Pictures, videos, logs .. ) of what you are complaining about.
  4. You cannot post here if you are not one of the complained players or involved with the complaint in any way.
  5. '' Sorry for post... here but '' No, you will be instantly warned, as mentioned above.
  6. You cannot post senseless topics about how horrible a person is.
  7. You cannot post complaints where they called you '' Noob, nab or nib '' or similar as it's petty, trivial and minor.

Below it's explained how to post the complaint, accompanied by the format which must be used.

Topic title must be: "Complaint - offender's name - Reason".

Example'' Complaint - Lumi- REASON''

[b]Your in-game name:[/b][size=12][/size]
[b]Your account name in fourms:[/b][size=12][/size]
[b]Name of the complained player(s)or Admin:[/b][size=12][/size]
[b]Detailed explanation of what happened:[/b][size=12][/size]
[b]Proof (Full-screen screenshots or videos):[/b]
Warning: We remind you that you are not allowed to post in any complaint if you are not involved in any way what so ever. You must also use a format, not using a format could mean your complaint being locked.
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How to Complain
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